Lisbon council “at sixes and sevens” on how to pay back €58 million pocketed by illegal tax

After vowing that it would open a special counter for all the people who had stumped up for the “illegal” Civil Protection tax charged between 2015 and 2017, Lisbon borough council is described to be “at sixes and sevens”.

The total amount it needs to pay back 223,467 residents comes to an eye-watering €58 million, say reports – and the council has ducked questions so far on when it will be opening that special counter.

Said mayor Fernando Medina this week all the logistics for the payback are being “finalised” and the hope is that “the majority of taxpayers will receive their money during the second half of February”.

Nonetheless, Medina is described as “concerned” over how to find the best, safest and quickest way to reimburse such a massive amount of money.

“The solution”, says tabloid Correio da Manhã “should be known later this week”, while the quandary as to how to fill the ‘gap’ has not (yet) been touched upon.

Medina’s initial reaction to the news, handed down by Constitutional Court judges last month, was that the income was pivotal in securing much-needed training and equipment for the capital’s firefighters (click here).

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