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Lisbon could be most sung about city in the world

LISBON COULD be listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most sung about city in the world!

Vítor Duarte Marceneiro, the grandson of famous Fado singer Alfredo Marceneiro, is going to compile a data base of songs, Fados and marches that sing about the Portuguese capital.

Vítor said: “The object of the study is to find as many songs as possible that refer to the city of Lisbon, its atmosphere, neighbourhoods and people.”

The idea, which has existed for quite a long time, has been taken up by Lisbon Câmara and will involve months of research in libraries and archives. The data base will not only constitute a list of songs about Lisbon, but also create a record of the name of the song, the composer, lyricist, the date it was written and who sung it for the very first time.

“We are going to try and find out as much as possible about each and every Lisbon song, including its history and how it came about,” Vítor said. The idea is, that once the archive data base is up-and-running, researchers can add to it as the years go by. “A song, like a historical document, has to be taken in context, in order for us to understand the epoch and mentality of the generation at the time it was written,” he added.

Vítor says he will not be satisfied until he has collected over 1,000 songs, which should be a sufficient number to impress the Guinness judges and make Lisbon a candidate for the most sung about city in the world.

He believes it could set off a chain reaction, with investigators in other cities like London, New York and Rio compiling similar data bases.