Lisbon considered second ‘Best European Destination’ of 2015

Lisbon has been voted the second best place to visit this year by online news portal ‘Best European Destinations’.

Hopes were high that Portugal could keep the 2014 distinction which saw Porto judged as Europe’s “best” place to go, but the French city of Bordeaux won this time round with 17.3% of the 240,000-plus online votes (42,396).

And third place? It went to Athens, with 11.5% (28,184) – a city that will certainly welcome holidaymaking visitors, particularly if they have money to spend.

Back to Lisbon, European Best Destinations considers the capital an “illuminated city”, with the “almost constant presence of sunshine” and a river (Tagus) which transforms it “into a mirror of a thousand colours – highlighting the city’s unique architecture and beauty”.

The online portal recommends the “nightlife which continues until dawn” but also “calmer moments in the city’s parks, gardens, belvederes, cafés and esplanades” and the “pure pleasure” of Lisbon’s gastronomy, luxury hotels, spas and shopping centres.

Valletta (Malta), Riga (Latvia), Zagreb (Croatia), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Innsbruck (Austria), Milan (Italy), Brussels (Belgium), Vienna (Austria), Rome (Italia), Barcelona (Spain), Istanbul (Turkey) and Madrid (Spain) complete the top-15.