Lisbon community ‘chains Covid-infected 21-year-old to railings’

A 21-year-old infected with Covid-19 but refusing to comply with rules of self-isolation has been chained to railings by neighbours in his Lisbon community.

The incident in Bairro Padre Cruz, reported this morning by TVI 24, was the neighbours’ way of protecting themselves.

Explained the report, they then called the police , ensuring that the young man – described as a drug addict who has been seen out in the streets several times since testing positive – was unable to go anywhere in the interim.

PSP police in hazmat suits turned up to remove the man to the local police station.

He was released some time later, and ordered to stay at home until he has received the results of a test which should show whether or not he is still infectious.

Say reports, the young man – who may now face prosecution for ‘the crime of disobedience’ – first tested positive on June 2.