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Lisbon Câmara to regenerate Bairro da Liberdade

A DETAILED project which it is hoped will breathe new life into Lisbon’s rundown Liberdade district of Campolide, was recently unveiled at a Lisbon council meeting.

The project involves the re-housing of nearly 1,000 families that live in the area, who will be given new council accommodation.

Council officers have until April to present their proposals and suggestions that might contribute to the final definitive detailed plan.

Until its presentation and approval, the municipal authority intends to continue discussing and collecting information and opinions from residents living in the district.

The plan will allow for the total regeneration of the area, replacing all of the houses, creating better access while paying special attention to the 18th century Aguas Livres aqueduct, that falls within this National Protected Zone. No construction is to be permitted within 50 metres either side of the structure.

The works are due to begin in 2007 following the gaining of planning permission and processing of all the legal paperwork.

“This is an extremely important step forward. Finally we are close to making the regeneration of the Liberdade Bairro concrete,” said the Câmara’s Vice President, Fontão de Carvalho.