Lisbon Câmara to donate 125,000 euros

LISBON CÂMARA is to donate 125,000 euros to the city’s schools as part of the National Reading Plan.

Apart from the investment, a protocol was also signed by the municipal authority’s education and culture council officer Rosália Vargas to set up a working group between pupils and teachers to encourage reading and literature.

“Books should be within the easy reach of school children,” she said at the signing ceremony in the municipal library, at Palácio das Galveias.

The protocol’s objective is to make available 12 copies of each book in the curriculum as well as encouraging schools to share books among themselves.

The wall surrounding the Palácio das Galveias is also to be restored by the Câmara by the end of July. “It’s unacceptable that the wall has been on the point of falling down onto a public road (Rua Barbosa do Bocage) for two years, forcing the road’s closure,” said Rosália Vargas. 

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