Lisbon activates contingency plan for homeless as temperatures plummet

Lisbon City Council has today activated its contingency plan for homeless people due to the cold weather in the city. The underground will open three stations (Rossio, Santa Apolónia and Oriente) during the night while hot meals and warm clothes will be available at the Casal Vistoso Municipal Pavilion. According to IPMA (Portugal’s institute for sea and atmosphere), a mass of polar air has caused temperatures to be lower than normal for this time of year. From late Wednesday afternoon, “a continental polar air mass, originating in the Scandinavian region, will gradually invade the north of the Iberian Peninsula, and then the south, resulting in a further drop in temperature, especially the minimum” on Thursday. On January 11, minimum temperatures are expected to be between -5 and 0°C in the northern and central interior, between 1 and 5°C in the southern interior and the northern and central coast, and up to 8°C on the southern coast.