Hospital Santa Maria, in Lisbon Photo: JOÃO RELVAS/LUSA

Lisbon A&E unit falls back into chaos; waiting times up to 14 hours

Arrivals at the A&E unit of Lisbon’s Santa Maria Hospital today face average waiting times of 14 HOURS, according to data on the SNS national health service portal. Said the portal at midday, 32 patients with a yellow wristband (meaning ‘urgent’) had been waiting an average of 14 hours and 13 minutes to be seen, when the recommended time for the attendance of patients considered urgent is 60 minutes. Contacted by Lusa news agency, an official source from the University Hospital Centre Lisboa Norte (CHULN), which includes hospitals Santa Maria and Pulido Valente, explained that the profile of pople arriving at the emergency department points to “a picture of more complex patients” – many of them from other areas of the Lisbon region.