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Line dancing is not  just for cowboys!

For the past six years, a group of dedicated Algarve residents have been coming together to keep fit and learn new line dancing routines at the Retiro do Faz Fato café in Conceição, Tavira.

The group of around 20 members originate from Holland, England, Luxembourg, Germany, Sweden and Portugal, and meet up every week to practice their dances while making a donation of €2 each which is given to the Refúgio Aboim Ascensão children’s home in Faro.

The first 30 minutes of each session is dedicated to a keep fit class led by Vivien West while the second part of the evening sees dance teacher Ellen Thomassen teaching the group new dances.

So far, the group have learnt more than 70 different dances including everything from slow ballads to more lively songs, while they have taken these skills on the road and performed at the Arte Viva Festival and also at private parties.

The Faz Fato dancers will be performing next at the Alta de Santana on August 18 from 7.30pm as a part of the Tavira Ilimitada initiative.

For further information, please call 281 951 771.