DGS health authority director Graça Freitas

“Limit contact to people you live with”: DGS health authority appeal

DGS health authority director Graça Freitas has appealed once again today to the Portuguese to “limit physical contact to what is strictly necessary”.

In Ms Freitas mindset this means interaction should only take place with immediate family members or whoever else lives in the same house.

“Socialising with my own relatives from other households or with friends increases the probability of contagion”, said Ms Freitas. “We must make choices: it is in our hands to decide with whom we meet in person – and in these meetings, it is also in our hands to protect and protect ourselves. There are alternatives to physical interaction”, she insisted.

On a day when the country registered almost 500 people in ICUs up and down the country, Portugal’s health director added that when people are ‘confined’ to their homes for having tested positive, or been in contact with someone else who has tested positive, they must “follow DGS measures on the disinfection of equipment and spaces within the home and not receive visitors”.

Nothing was mentioned of the fact that judges at the appeal court in Lisbon have accepted serious reservations on the reliability of Covid tests forcing people into confinement (click here), nor on the claims by health delegates in Portugal that “many people” are being sent into isolation when there is no need for them to be (click here).

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