Light-fingered baggage handlers rounded up at Porto airport

At least five baggage handlers working at Porto airport were rounded-up in a police swoop on Tuesday that has revealed thousands of euros worth of articles, purportedly stolen from passengers’ luggage. Reports point to 20 searches at cargo terminals, through handlers’ personal lockers and at private homes. In one handler’s home as many as 50 bottles of scent were allegedly found. Other finds include tablets, mobile phones, gold and jewellery.

But it was not just small items that were discovered. According to press reports, police even recovered television sets.

The raids, which centred on six boroughs – Maia, Porto, Vila do Conde, Gondomar, Trofa and Matosinhos – were prompted by complaints received from passengers “over the years” centring on valuable property that had gone missing en-route through Porto’s Francisco Sá Carneiro airport.