Eric, one of the two lifeguards while on duty with the strong waves in the background
Portugal only has lifeguards watching beaches between late May and early October Photo: DOUGLAS HALLAWELL

Lifeguards brave rough seas to rescue man

Swimmer saved as he was about to be tossed onto the rocks

At 11am on Tuesday morning – a day before full moon – the two lifeguards on duty at Carvoeiro’s beach were faced with their second sea rescue of the season.

Eric and Gabriel were quick to whistle when a 60-year-old man stepped into the sea, disregarding the yellow flag.

Unfortunately, the tourist was unaware of the (occasional) dreaded “mar de fora” current that will rapidly drag the unsuspecting swimmer towards the rocks on the right side of the beach.

Tuesday was not a good day for a sea swim
Tuesday was not a good day for a sea swim

But fortunately for the Brazilian tourist, the two ever-alert lifeguards were quick to react, saving him in extremis, just before being tossed onto the rocks.

By this stage, everyone on Carvoeiro beach was witnessing the perilous rescue. Once back on safe sand, Eric and Gabriel received a deserved round of applause. Incidentally, both are Brazilians too!

The yellow flag was quickly replaced by the red one after the rescue.

A happy ending for the tourist who was not hurt at all.