Photo: Adega do Cantor/Dan Birch (birchphotography)

Life-size Cliff Richard cut out causes ‘airport chaos’ in Faro

A life-size cut-out of Sir Cliff Richard holding a bottle of his Algarvian wine has caused ‘chaos’ in Faro airport.

A passenger – described as ‘in a good mood but not drunk’ – decided to take it home on a plane to Gatwick with him.

How he got the larger-than-life image on to the plane without being challenged no-one seems able to explain, but before the flight took off, the captain left the cockpit to address installed passengers – saying no-one would be going anywhere until the cut-out was returned.

At first, flyers thought it was a joke – a way of putting them all in a relaxed mood.

But then “an overweight man came trundling down the aisle”, reports the Star newspaper, “carrying Cliff”.

Explains the tabloid, he was assured he would not face charges, as long as he handed the promotional cut-out over – which he did.

Said one of the many surprised people on board: “He joked to us: ‘They are quick on the case here!’ I don’t think he was worried as they said he wouldn’t be arrested.”

As far as we know, the plane continued on its journey without further incident, and the image of Sir Cliff is back in place, “greeting guests at Faro airport to help sell his wine”.

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