Life-saver doc says it’s time security guards in malls had CPR training

Off-duty VMER (emergency reanimation) doctor Isabel Freitas saved the life of a 61-year-old man who collapsed in a Porto shopping mall last weekend. The man had no history of illness – but without her help, he would certainly have died. Said the 30-year-old health professional, “people were just standing around, looking… no-one had even thought to take his pulse”. The moral of this story is that “time is crucial and it is our obligation to act…”, the young doctor told reporters: “It would make sense if security guards at malls had CPR training”. Indeed, it would make sense if we all had it. “It’s easy”, she said. “Yet it can make all the difference… I am a doctor with VMER and often by the time we arrive we cannot revert the situation. Time is very important”.