“Life or death” debate on threatened Lagoa wetland due to take place in parliament

Today (Wednesday January 24) promises to be “very important and decisive for Alagoas Brancas” – the tiny wetland haven for birds in a Lagoa that has been transformed by building and concrete in recent decades, yet seeks to construct even more.

Campaigners believe the “projecto-lei” due to come up for debate in parliament today may be the only thing that stands between Alagoas Brancas and destruction.

“We ask all of you who follow this page for your positive thoughts and energies”, writes one of the major figures in this local fight Anabela Blofeld.

“Thank you all who have helped us try to save this small but important piece of nature in the Algarve”.

This has been a largely cheerless struggle, with campaigners close to “giving up for lack of support” at many stages.

But local Bloco de Esquerda support ‘saved the day’ earlier this month (click here), and now everything rides on the party managing to persuade MPs to “take all necessary measures to preserve the seasonal freshwater wetland” and ensure that it receives the environmental classification that so many conservationists believe it deserves.

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Photo by biologist/ ornithologist keen to save the wetland, Dr Manfred Temmé