Life guards asleep .jpg

Life guards asleep

Dear Editor,

How safe is the beach?

Here is a photo taken by me on the beach by the Alisios hotel in Albufeira in early September. Two lifeguards were fast asleep around 4pm, while around half a dozen people were swimming in the sea. I was simply gobsmacked!


Editor’s note: The Algarve Resident contacted the Portuguese navy who govern the Instituto de Socorro a Náufragos (ISN), the national institute of sea rescue operations, regarding this situation. Commander João Barbosa, a spokesman from the Portuguese navy, said: “We are aware that these situations can happen where lifeguards do not behave as they should on duty or break the rules.” He added that in these cases it is a citizen’s duty to report what they have seen.

“This depends on each individual – they may approach the lifeguards and speak to them, telephone the maritime police and explain the situation or even take photographs and send them to the maritime authority where it will be investigated,” he said. Commander Barbosa added that there are fines for staff such as lifeguards and the general public who disrespect the laws and regulations.

To report an offence, please email [email protected] or telephone your local maritime authority.