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Life expectancy in Portugal INCREASES….

INE national statistics institute reports today that in spite of the scourge of the last 19 months life expectancy in Portugal has ‘never been so good’…

Citizens these days have a ‘good chance’ of living until the age of at least 81 (81,06 to be exact).

Men are slightly less likely to reach this age, but their ‘gains’ on women (in the lead when it comes to life expectancy) are increasing.

Separating the sexes: the average life expectancy for men is 78,07 years, while women can look forward to 83,67.

Both sexes have seen increases in their life expectancies – with the difference between men and women now down to 5.6 years (when it was 6.02 for the same period a decade ago).

The period under analysis has been described as the ‘triennial’ 2018-2020.

The last 10 years have shown that all regions are seeing citizens live longer, though the greatest leaps have been seen in the autonomous regions of Madeira and Azores.

Coincidentally, these are also the regions that show the greatest difference in life expectancy between men and women – more than 6,8 years – and some of the lowest levels of life expectancy.

The Metropolitan Area of Lisbon (AML) and the North are the regions where there are the least differences between life expectancy of men and women (just over 5,4 years for both areas) – and when it comes to ‘longevity at the age of 65’ again every region has shown ‘gains’.

“The greatest differences in longevity at 65 between men and women in 2018-2020 were registered in Madeira and the Algarve”, explains Lusa, “where women can expect to live on average 4,38 and 3,77 respectively more than men, while in the Alentejo there is less of a difference between the sexes (3,17 years)”.

One of the areas where life expectancy is lowest is the Baixo Alentejo (79 years).

This new data, published here, suggests the government won’t be called upon to reduce retirement age, as was a fear given press coverage back in March (click here).