Lidl teaches children about sustainability with “giant board game”

Supermarket chain Lidl is inviting primary schools throughout Portugal to sign up for an opportunity to win a “giant board game” which aims to teach children about the importance of sustainability whilst at the same time having fun.

The initiative is part of Lidl’s ‘Turma Imbatível’ (Unbeatable Class) project which was launched in 2011 to raise awareness about sustainable lifestyles among children and youngsters.

This year’s initiative focuses on a board game that challenges students to learn more about our planet as well as sustainable eating habits and also work on their teamwork abilities.

A total of 100 board games will be distributed this school year. Primary schools can sign up by sending an email to [email protected]

“These have been challenging times, especially for children. We want to be by their sides more than ever, providing fun learning moments. With this new approach, adapted to the pandemic, we aim to have an active role in the education of children through a board game with questions and sustainability challenges which can be implemented in the classroom with total safety,” said Lidl Portugal’s Corporate and Sustainability Communication Director, Vanessa Romeu.

The initiative has also received official support from José Carlos de Sousa, Director of the Educational Projects Services at Portugal’s Board of Education (DGE), as well as from Nuno Lacasta, President of Portugal’s Environmental Agency (APA).
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