Lild in talks with producer to export Algarve oranges

Lidl in talks with producer to export Algarve oranges

Lidl supermarkets outside of Portugal could soon start selling Algarve oranges.

The opportunity is reportedly being discussed by the German supermarket chain and Algarve-based orange producer Cacial.

“We are working with Lidl to have our oranges exported by the chain,” Cacial boss Horácio Ferreira told Dinheiro Vivo website.

Despite the interest, Lidl is not committing to a deadline to start selling Algarve oranges abroad.

The chain currently exports other national products to its supermarkets abroad, such as pêra-rocha (a variety of pears native to the Central West Coast of Portugal), red fruits and Alcobaça apples.

In 2018 alone, Lidl sold 15,000 tons of Portuguese fruit and vegetables at its supermarkets in Germany, Austria, Spain, Ireland, Luxembourg, UK and Poland.

In Portugal, the oranges sold by Lidl are provided by Cacial.

“They are a very important partner, supplying our supermarkets with oranges, clementines and lemons,” Pierre Silva, Lidl’s fruit and veg purchasing director in Portugal, told DV.

Cacial has provided Lidl with 41,500 tons of citrus fruit in the last five years, 35% of which was purchased by the chain’s supermarkets in the north of Portugal.

Both entities have been working together for 10 years.

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