Letter to a thief

Dear person who removed my purse from my handbag last Sunday when we were both in Jumbo Lagoa. I want you to know that I forgive you for leaving me without the means to pay for my shopping. I forgive you also for breaking the code on my multi-bank cards and taking the maximum from each of my two accounts; it was obviously my fault for choosing such an easy-to-break code and perhaps your needs are greater than mine. You certainly taught me a lesson and I thank you.
Also I wish you well of the purchases you made at a liquor shop, your drinks cabinet will be well stocked but I pray you don’t suffer from ill health as a result.
I hope you get much pleasure from the items bought at a fancy goods store. Perhaps you have a large family who all need gifts. Anyway the total you took plus the cash I had in my purse was a substantial amount to us and I still have to add on the cost of replacing cards and other expenses connected to documents required by the bank and GNR but we will manage.
We are very fortunate to own our own home so our needs are merely food for my husband and I for the next two months and luxuries like electricity, water and gas (a lot of bills came in this month).
I had planned a trip to England to meet my new granddaughter Annya Luna, who was born just two days before that Sunday, but no matter, my son sent some excellent pictures and she is lovely. It’s not quite the same as feeling and holding her but maybe she will come here soon.
I had selfishly thought of getting some dental work done but that can wait, I’ll cancel my appointment, and I’m sure we can try and reduce the number of medicines we both take daily, not life saving you understand just stuff to ease the aches and pains, and of course the car repairs can wait as well.
Money is only money and we know that the Lord will provide for our true needs, just look at how well he’s provided for you, but maybe one day when HE decides that someone else’s needs are greater than yours, you will have a similar experience to mine and you will know how it feels to unexpectedly be chosen to give to another. Perhaps you will pray for that person as I am praying for you because hating you for this will just eat me up and I have too much to live for to do that.
God Bless,