Letter: “Don’t come to Portugal!” – Algarve Resident, October 3, 2019 issue

The Resident received many reactions to Pat The Expat’s article “Don’t Come to Portugal”. Here we publish some of them:

To the author,
Funny article – a good piece of writing! However, I must disappoint you. My wife and I will definitely be moving to Portugal permanently in about two years’ time. Two more geezers in their 60s coming to spend their undersized pension in beautiful, friendly, airy, generous and affordable Portugal.

I concur about the evil effects of those hordes of foreign tourists, but we won’t be joining them. We aim to adapt to the Republic rather than ask the Republic to adapt to us. Very politically incorrect of us, I know. Between us, we have the use of six, almost seven languages and there should be room for one more even if it’s a devilishly difficult one, which Portuguese is, no argument there.

Tailgating is more of an Algarve phenomenon, less present in the centre and in the north. You forgot to mention the slippery sidewalks, but then it rains far less often than in Blighty or in Belch-ium, where we have the misfortune of having lived until now.

But perhaps it’s our enthusiasm rather than our experience talking. We have been to Portugal just twice: the first time for three weeks and the second time for two days, to buy land for building our new home on. Falling in love is possible with a country, too. Call us crazy, but we did so. And from what we’ve seen, Portugal seems to want to love us back, communists, tailgaters, tourists, and slippery sidewalks notwithstanding.

Portugal? O melhor país da Europa! (I hope I spelled that right)
Johan Temmerman, Flanders

I am Portuguese and very curious on foreigners’ opinion on our country.
That was a nice try, but I still think people will continue to come.
People living in Porto are quite happy with the current level of tourism and expats and would prefer it didn’t keep on rising year after year… Let’s see what happens! 
I am glad you have been enjoying. 
Carlos Gomes

Ha ha … I just wanted to say, as a brand new Canadian temporary-but-hopefully-more resident in Santa Bárbara, I had a nice chuckle this morning reading your article.
I grew up here near Faro and want to come back. I also don’t want to share with more millions of people! 
Christina M

Congratulations on your opinion piece; spot on! My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
We have been living in an ‘aldeia’ above the Monte Rei golf course, near Vila Nova de Cacela, for almost five years now. Coincidently, we lived in Panama City before for five years.
Perhaps you fancy meeting one of these days to compare notes – over a glass of wine or “a snifter of the sweet stuff”?
Mário Ernst

Sitting in Nazaré on this rainy Sunday morning, looking at inbound rain showers from my cosy abode, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your “Don’t come to Portugal” article. Muito bom!
Thanks for the read.
Darr Maqbool