Letter alerts Sampaio

A LETTER has been sent to the President of the Republic, Jorge Sampaio, by the Associação dos Hotéis e Empreendimentos Turísticos do Algarve (AHETA), the Algarve hotels and resorts association, calling his attention to the problems that are affecting tourism in the region. The letter is timely, since the presidential theme, which runs until the end of this week, is ‘Tourism’.

Jorge Sampaio has been criticised for only visiting the borough of Vila do Bispo during the ‘Presidência Temática sobre Turismo’, with AHETA pointing out that the tourism of the region is the most important for the country’s economy, representing the greatest potential for growth, but which is facing many problems.

The association highlights the fact that there is a culture of ignorance with regard to the dynamics of the tourism industry in the Algarve, in terms of public opinion, political will and at an administrative level. Also, AHETA believes there is incapacity in finding solutions and solving problems. This is particularly true, they believe, in what concerns the renovation of tourist sites in town centres and the structuring of resort offers.

AHETA wants the President to realise the need for a greater overall effort, from government and administrative sectors to business owners and civil society, so that the tourism industry can evolve, become more innovative and consolidate its position in the tourism market both nationally and internationally.