Carl Linnaeus

Let’s talk about the natural world

Botanist Dr Michael Jones from Newman University in Birmingham will deliver his thoughts on the great Swedish biologist Carl Linnaeus during an event on Monday April 7 at the Municipal Library in Tavira (from 6pm).
It was Linnaeus who devised the system that gives all living things two Latin names. Linnaeus is widely regarded as a Swedish national hero and it is said that more has been written about him than any other biologist with the exception of Charles Darwin. Why? Michael’s talk will address this question and provide an insight to the man who brought order to the natural world.
Meanwhile, on Tuesday, April 8 at the Municipal Library in Lagoa (from 6pm), Resident gardening contributor Marilyn Medina Ribeira will give her thoughts on Landscape Management in the Algarve.
This will be the second of Marilyn’s addresses to the Algarve History Association, organisers of both events.
In this talk, Marilyn will cover a subject close to the heart of Algarve gardeners: ‘Which plants grow best in Algarve gardens?’