Let’s practice Portuguese, shall we?

In recent years, more and more people have been travelling and moving to Portugal. With this influx of “estrangeiros” looking to integrate themselves into their new community, finding quality Portuguese language-learning materials is more important than ever. Some are surprised, however, when the Portuguese they’ve just spent months studying, through an app or online course, sounds completely different from what they’ve heard throughout Portugal. Finding non-Brazilian resources that focus on the European Portuguese dialect can be challenging, especially before arriving in the country, but one company is working hard to fill this gap!

Practice Portuguese was founded by Rui Coimbra, from Portugal, and Joel Rendall, from Canada. Since 2013, they’ve been continually developing their online platform and giving language learners a way to explore the unique cultural and linguistic personality of this beautiful country. Starting off as a podcast, it has evolved, throughout the years, into a comprehensive resource, targeting all aspects of the language, from interactive lessons, to bite-sized articles recorded by European Portuguese natives, and to light-hearted live and animated videos. Rui has even recruited many of his family members to participate, with his grandmother, Avó Odete, being a favourite amongst the members of the website.

Especially now, with the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to stay positive, motivated, and connected to others during these challenging times. Spending at least a few minutes per day working towards a goal like language learning, can be a big help in maintaining a positive outlook. Practice Portuguese is more focused than ever on serving their worldwide community of learners, with thorough, one-on-one support, as well as a vibrant forum, where expats can connect and discuss grammar, expressions, or life in Portugal.

Practice Portuguese is currently offering a 15% discount off monthly and annual memberships at practiceportuguese.com/algarvemag. Additionally, if you find yourself financially affected by the pandemic, you’re invited to reach out to the co-founders on their contact page to request an additionally reduced rate on your new or existing membership.

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