Let’s clean up the world

Local environmental institutions such as the Cascais Ecological Group (GEC) and Olho Vivo have joined forces and started their Clean Up the World campaign, which involves rescuing and reintroducing rare plants and flowers in the Sintra area.

According to a campaign spokesperson, a rare flower, know as Omphalodes kyzubskyanae found at the Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais (PNSC) is at risk of extinction. The flower can only survive on rocky and sandy soils, where apparently, it is being attacked by a vicious plant specimen, known as Carpobrotur edulir, originally from the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. According to the decree law number 565/99 of December 21, “It is forbidden to cultivate or use the plant as a decorative ornament, as the species has been classified as a invader plant.” From 11am today (Friday 17), volunteers from across the area will dig out the vicious specimen.

Tomorrow (Saturday 18) the team, in collaboration with QUERCUS and Cascais Câmara, will set to work in the Rio da Mula river, and give trees and flowers along the banks a helping hand. According to a campaign spokesperson, this area has also been invaded by an aggressive plant species, which needs to be dug out. On Sunday the team are expected to clean the Cresmina-Guncho coast.

Volunteers from nearly every environment association in Portugal have signed up to take part in the Clean Up The World Campaign. The Cascais campaign will be led by Dr. João Fonseca, a biologist for the Nature Conservation Institute (ICN) and Dr. Paula Mascarenhas, Co-ordinator for the Clean Up the World Campaign. If you are interested in taking part, call Paula on 214 847 136 or 933 189 627, or email gec@sapo.pt