Let’s celebrate creativity in Tavira

Maurizio Russo and Pedro Soares are two artists who have collaborated on a modern exhibition that brings together the environment, architecture, space and time.

They will be guiding people around their exhibition in the Palácio da Galeria in Tavira between 3pm and 5pm on Saturday, January 12. This is the last day of the exhibition, so it will be the last opportunity to see the work of these artists in Tavira for some time to come.

Pedro Soares is a Professor specialising in the Physics of Clouds at Lisbon University. Since 1991 he has had an interest in photographing urban scenes, portraits, customs and traditions, and nature across Europe (see some of his work at www.pedromatossoares.com)

Maurizio Russo was born in Naples, Italy, in 1959.After receiving his degree in Architecture with “cum laude” mention at the Polytechnic of Milano University, in 1986 he went to Japan with a scholarship sponsored by the Japanese Government.

He worked there for three years as researcher at the Landscape Design Institute of Kyoto University, studying the use of stones in traditional Japanese garden.

In Japan, he also trained in traditional garden planning and construction with the Araki Studio in Osaka and under the guide of Mr Ken Nakajima in Tokyo, with whom he collaborated in 1989 to the realisation of the Japanese Garden of Montreal Botanical Garden in Canada.

He said: “My nomadic nature leads me to travel, live and work in different countries.

“In each point I feel the need to give form to a recognition of the space through an artistic act.”

His relationship with Portugal began in 1998. From that year until 2000, he worked in the Algarve towards the structural consolidation and the aesthetic reconstruction of lime-rock cliffs on the ocean seashore in Lagos. In the same location, he conceived and created a private park inspired by the Five Elements of the geomantic concept of Chinese philosophy.

In 2000 and 2001 in Cascais, he worked for the Environment Ministry and the local Municipality to restore several sections of the cliff on the seashore and created a large-scale sundial representing one of his paintings.

Since 2007, he has been working in Auroville, India, to fulfil and complete the concept of the Matrimandir garden and the landscape urban design of the town, as well as helping with the Visitor Park of the Matrimandir. (see more of his work at www.yugenearth.com/website/EGindex.html)

The artists welcome people’s interest in the Arts and in their work, during this time of austerity.

Tavira Câmara agreed to the exhibition at the Palácio da Galeria, but the artists will not receive a fee. One of the things Maurizio Russo questioned was, “if Câmaras are unable to investin such exhibitions, what is happening to culture and the arts which enhance all our lives and bring tourists to the region?” Food for thought…

This is an opportunity that is free and should not be missed if we put any value on the creative arts.

A concert by the trio Johan Zilverzurf, Joe Barba and Luis Monteiro will also take place. Sue Hall