Let there be space

A couple probably hadn’t come across the quote “Love is metaphysical gravity” while planning their G-Force One wedding.

Earrings resembling planets were worn by the bride, spacecraft cufflinks by the groom and blue jumpsuits by the guests and witnesses.

The first ever weightless wedding was chosen because the bride had “been to a lot of boring weddings” so she decided “to do something different”.

Wire was used to keep the bride’s hair in place and the groom’s Tuxedo tail was stiffened to keep from flying out of control as they tumbled, turned and tied the knot flying over the Gulf of Mexico.

The wedding was a high flyer despite a knock in the nose for the bride and a difficult first kiss.

After the ceremony the bride said: “I’ve waited my whole life for this… what I remember most was the feeling of weightlessness, both physically and emotionally.”