Let the sun shine in

For all your home solar and heating needs, look no further than Arroja da Silva Solar Systems Lda (AdS) for a professional service.

Manager Nicole Silva said: “Apart from the installation, maintenance and repair of everything related to solar and heating systems, we offer a wide variety of essential products to the homes of our customers.”

Established in 1994 in the Algarve, their technicians advise and carry out installations of solar thermal and central heating systems, pool heating by solar or heat pumps, air conditioning as well as resale and installation of home appliances.

“We have been working with most products on the market related to solar and also related to photovoltaic and gas, firewood or oil central heating systems since the beginning.”

AdS works with the national company Immsolar and internationally known companies such as Bosch (home appliances), Daikin (air conditioning) and Junkers (solar heating systems), among others.

“Our goal is to provide the best service at the best market prices to please our current and potential clients,” said Nicole Silva.

“We have 16 years of experience in this area and a team of skilful qualified professionals. We also work with top companies that have plenty of visibility and credibility on the market.

Last year AdS installed solar thermal panels in around 110 houses in the Algarve and this year the company hopes to exceed this number.

“I was always told not to leave anyone in the cold, so what better way than this?” added Nicole Silva.

To contact AdS, please call 962 881 908 or email [email protected]