Virgul - Portimão; Beto Kalulu - Lagoa

Let the music play! New Year concerts for all in Portimão and Lagoa

With fireworks cancelled this year, Portimão and Lagoa councils have announced alternative programmes to welcome in the New Year, all in compliance with health authority advice.

In a bid to encourage people to stay at home, the “Réveillon em Casa – Música à Porta” (New Year’s Eve at Home – Music at Your Door) initiative in Portimão will see two stage trucks taking the music of several artists to their doors.

The vehicles will be driving around town on December 31, between 3pm and 9pm, and performers include DJ Ari Girão, Virgul, César Matoso, Filipa Sousa, Gabriel de Rose and Filipe Knox.

The routes have not been revealed on purpose, said the council, to prevent people from gathering in the streets and thus encourage them to stay at home and enjoy the live concerts from their windows.

Meanwhile in Lagoa, the Arade Music Fest is returning this year but in a different format, in line with Covid-19 restrictions. Audiences will be able to enjoy a variety of musical acts from the comfort of their homes on December 31.

From 10.30pm to 1am, the party will be online as concerts will be live streamed on the Lagoa municipality’s Facebook page (click here).

Artists include some of the best-known local performers: 5Ex Band; Beto Kalulu; Ricardo Sousa; Carolina Fonson; US2; Luana Velasquez; DJ Alex – Alexandre Ramos; João Rocha; João Feliz; Luís Raposo; João Reis; Mónica Pereira; and Eduardo Ramos.

New Year restrictions
Readers are reminded that New Year’s Eve will see all citizens bound by the 11pm curfew, while on January 1, 2 and 3 every citizen must remain at home after 1pm. Pharmacies and supermarkets however will remain open. People with dogs will be allowed to exercise them (click here).