Let me play among the stars

news: Let me play among the stars

CLOSER TO home but still with a starry theme, here is a list of the top 007 Bond film locations, so that you can relive your favourite Bond moments in situ.

One glaring omission is the high orbiting location of the space shuttle in Moonraker – perhaps it will be possible to visit in a few years though! In the meantime, you may not battle with villains hell-bent on world domination, but you should still be able to capture the glamour that 007 encountered on some of his missions.

The Spy Who Loved Me – who can forget the chase around the Pyramids, where everyone’s favourite baddy, Jaws, tirelessly pursues Bond through the stunning desert scenery? Egypt is re-emerging as a favourite destination this autumn and offers great value resorts to relax in after a hard day at the Pyramids.

Live and Let Die – shot around various locations in Ian Fleming’s home of Jamaica, Live and Let Die is one of the best loved Bond films. You can still visit the crocodile farm where 007 uses the deadly creatures as snappy stepping stones. Jamaica was also used in Dr. No and the beautiful beach where 007 found Honey looking for shells was on this amazing island.

the trail of a deadly diamond thief.

For Your Eyes Only – shot on location in Corfu, the Greek island in the Ionian Sea. Bond thrilled us with a high speedboat chase out in the sapphire blue sea, climbed the sheer, rocky cliff to break into a secret hideout and visited a glamorous casino in Achillion. Less strenuous alternatives include chilling out on the stunning beaches, cocktails by the pool and relaxing among the island’s shady olive groves.

Moonraker – once again Bond is lured into a high speedboat chase – this time in Venice, along the city’s famous canals. We suggest a more sedate gondola ride, followed by a leisurely cocktail in the legendary Harry’s Bar.

Licence to Kill – Bond was hot on the trial of drug lord Franz Sanchez in Licence to Kill. Boats and crocs featured heavily yet again, as Bond got embroiled in a speedboat chase in the Florida Keys, and narrowly avoids being eaten at a local alligator farm.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – If you don’t fancy a long trip, how about exploring the area around Lisbon, where many of the scenes from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service were filmed – including the moment that Bond got married.

The next Bond installment, Casino Royale, is set for release next year and sees 007 jetting off to Monte Carlo for what will be a taste of the high life – hopefully reptiles will not feature, as the new Bond, Daniel Craig, gets his teeth into the role. It is rumoured that the film will actually be shot in several locations, including the town of Karlvy Varyin in the Czech Republic. This beautiful spa resort is much like Vienna in appearance, a city that was coincidentally used for the scenes in The Living Daylights that were supposed to show Bratislava.

Paradise Island, off the coast of Nassau in the Bahamas, is another possible location. The area has undergone major changes since Thunderball was filmed there and now features the huge Atlantis resort complex, complete with impressive underwater aquariums and a stunning casino. The beaches are pretty good as well …

Finally, although Britain’s Pinewood Studios will not be used for major sets and scenes, the use of the studios has been confirmed. So, take your pick of these wonderful locations and book a glamorous 007 break – after all – you only live once – or is that twice?