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Let Luzdoc care for your health

Luzdoc cares and works hard every day to provide professional, personalised, quality medical care to anyone in need.

Their aim is to continuously search for excellence, so that each client is given the very best treatment.

Luzdoc’s professional, friendly and multilingual team provides a variety of general and family medical services including emergency and home consultations as well as a wide range of specialists.

At Luzdoc, they believe that prevention of illness is better than cure, so comprehensive health screens are available to monitor your body.

“This year we are focusing on nutrition, food intolerance and well being and are recruiting a nutrition specialist,” said Luzdoc Clinic Director Dra Maria Alice Serrano e Silva.

They also have the facilities and capabilities to care for external referrals of patients who visit the region from overseas as well as working closely with a variety of national and international medical insurance providers.

Clients with diabetes will also find at Luzdoc, a dedicated team which provides constant support and education about this condition.

Luzdoc has a number of vaccination programmes including hepatitis A and B, flu and pneumonia.

They also have a dedicated travel medicine doctor and travel medicine data base that is regularly updated to offer clients the most up-to-date knowledge on the requirements for their destination.  

For more information please visit the main clinic located on Rua 25 de Abril, 12, in Luz, Lagos or telephone 282 780 700.

Alternatively, visit the comprehensive website, available in English, at www.luzdoc.com.