Less than 300 people in ICUs with Covid: today’s bulletin

Today’s Covid bulletin shows the number of patients being treated for severe cases of Covid-19 finally below 300 nationally. In the space of 24-hours, numbers fell by 29 to 283. The country is fast approaching the ‘more or less 200 limit’ set by experts for the moment when it is safe to start reopening the economy. Elsewhere, numbers in hospital are down to 1,201; active infections stand at 57,152 and 3,961 people joined the ranks of the now 738, 179 people who no longer test positive for Covid. Portugal’s death toll increased in today’s bulletin by 22, meaning that 16,617 people have died since the start of the pandemic in a universe of 811,948 unlucky enough to have tested positive. In percentage terms, the overall death toll remains at slightly over 2% of those registered as having been infected.