Less blackouts thanks to new electricity link

COUNCILS ACROSS the Algarve are rejoicing at the new electricity network connection between Tunes (in the borough of Silves) and Estoi (in the borough of Faro). This new link promises to offer greater security and viability for the electricity network that covers the Barlavento (Western Algarve) and Sotavento (Eastern Algarve) areas.

The design of the existing electricity network in the Algarve, mounted in the 80s, has been the cause of several problems and disharmony, but, finally, an agreement has been reached to benefit the general public.

In practical terms, the Barlavento and Sotavento regions have distinct electricity supply connections and, in the past, when there has been a breakdown on one of these lines, the area in question has been severely affected. Now, thanks to the new link, should there be an electricity failure in one section, the supply can always be assured.

The new connection between the Sotavento and Barlavento regions will offer a significant improvement in the quality of life of the population. In other words, we should experience less blackouts!