Leftovers – what do you with them?
Anita's Seven

Leftovers – what do you with them?

Pet corner

APAA (Association for Protection of Animals Algarve) have made excellent progress throughout the last few months, especially with you, our readers and followers. We are getting stronger!

It has undoubtedly been a difficult transition from Covid to our current brighter status, remaining safe, looking forward to a happy Christmas with friends, neighbours and, most important of all, our family.

For some, it’s just one ‘family member’. Maybe a loving pet, but at least there will be a cuddle and a wagging tail.

Happy rescue dogs stories
‘Callum’ was a leftover. He found a new home very quickly and is still going strong.

Leftovers – what do you with them?

‘Gemma’ and ‘Fergie’, ex-APAA woofs, sadly gone now, but their lives lived in happiness for many years.

Leftovers – what do you with them?
‘Gemma’ and ‘Fergie’

‘Cassie’, a lovely little girl. Rescued and living to tell the tale. Ain’t life grand!

Leftovers – what do you with them?

Felines as well! Found on a doorstep in Portimão during the summer.

Leftovers – what do you with them?

There are many empty homes, with no playful paws or a loving lick, or a feline tail whisking in the air waiting for food. If Christmas is indeed a special time for caring and sharing, then why not start the season now?

What do you do with your leftovers? That turkey meat? The stale ball of stuffing? The curled-up sausage and bacon roll? No furry friend? Shame!

If you can’t take in a pet, then at least think about the possibility of fostering a dog or cat. They need vet’s fees, feeding, wherever they are, whoever is looking after them. Donations can also be made and are gratefully received. Or perhaps become a supportive member. If you have some free time, helping hands are always needed. Help APAA to help the animals. They can’t look after themselves; they need us to survive.

Fundraising events
Pop-Ups have helped financially. These are great places to meet, eat and greet. We are on the look-out for viable new locations. Contact us if you have a space we can use to sell our goodies. For example, for Valentine’s Day or Easter next year.

APAA’s Anita has currently seven abandoned woofs. Fifteen in total over the years. So how big is your heart?

Leftovers – what do you with them?
Anita’s Seven

APAA, Jenny Clarke – [email protected], www.apaaportugal.com
Zélia and feline friends – [email protected]
Looking for a pet? Caroline – [email protected]

Charity Shops: Alvor, Dunas Complex, Monday-Saturday 12.30pm-2pm; Silves, Rua Elias Garcias, 20, Monday-Friday, 12-2pm.