Left Bloc candidate “masterminded high-tech cannabis plantations”

A former political candidate for the Left Bloc (BE) party has been arrested in Guimarães after PSP police found out he was the mastermind running a local network of “high-tech cannabis plantations”.

As Correio da Manhã points out, Sandro Santos, 39, was the Left Bloc’s choice for the presidency of the parish council of Azurém in the 2013 local elections.

He is now being investigated for being in charge of cannabis plantations in four apartments in Guimarães, in a drug network that has been considered “exemplary” by PSP due to the technology involved.

PSP dismantled the cannabis network this week, and Santos is now awaiting trial in preventive custody.

With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Santos was regarded as a “cultured and well-spoken person” – one of the reasons BE welcomed him into their ranks in 2013, says CM.

Although BE has publically supported the legalisation of “soft drugs” such as marijuana, it will certainly not appreciate the negative publicity of being linked to a drug “mastermind” as it seeks to align itself with a possible alternative for majority government.

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