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Lecture about Lagos slave cemetery

Two lectures focusing on the history of the Lagos slave cemetery will be held on April 3 by the Algarve Archaeological Association (AAA).

The first lecture of the day will be held at the São Brás Museum at 3pm, with lunch prior to the lecture.

The second lecture will be held at the Convento de São José in Lagoa at 7.15pm, followed by dinner.

This will be an opportunity to learn about the dark side in the history of Lagos.

In 2009, a Dryas archaeology team made an extensive rescue excavation at Valle de Gafaria, a site located outside of the Lagos city wall where human remains were identified and excavated. It was then revealed that 155 individuals of both sexes were exhumed there, many under the age of 30.

The lecture, by Dr. Miguel Almeida, will answer questions such as: Where did these people come from? What was the purpose of them being brought here? Were they the first slaves in Europe?

Lectures are open to all and non members of the AAA are asked to donate €5, which will be used to assist the association in paying for archaeological work throughout Portugal, but particularly in the Algarve.

For further information and to book for the meals, please contact the AAA on 917 267 948 or visit http://www.arqueoalgarve.org/4.html