Leather artist Mark Evans showcases artworks at Conrad Algarve in celebration of ArtCatto’s 10th anniversary

ArtCatto is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a “unique” exhibition by world-renowned leather artist Mark Evans at the Conrad Algarve resort in Quinta do Lago. The exhibition will remain on display until September 30.

Evans is a Welsh artist who has ‘carved’ a niche for himself by using leather to create his artworks.

The idea came to him in 2000 when he was trying to clean a patch of blood off a new leather jacket he had been given that Christmas. By accident, he scratched into the surface of the jacket and that tiny patch on the leather “suddenly opened up a whole new world of possibilities”.

“It was my own Archimedes ‘Eureka’ moment … it was as if an explosion went off in my mind. I saw a world of possibilities. I then spent the next few years focused on developing this technique at my studio. I was living as part artist and part alchemist trying to perfect the process which I’d accidentally discovered,” the artist writes on his website.

Mark Evans is described by ArtCatto as an “obsessive perfectionist who works with great precision and takes months to complete a single work of art”.

“Using leather, the artist brings his primitive qualities to the modern age,” the gallery says, “I’m always amazed when I see his work,” said ArtCatto founder and manager Gillian Catto.

“Throughout my career, I’ve admired many works, but none of them compare. Mark is an unmatched artist, with a unique technique and the end result of his leather works is absolutely magnificent,” she added.

The exhibition will also feature works by Portuguese sculptor Rogério Timóteo, who will be showcasing his works for the first time with ArtCatto. The artist has exhibited his sculptures over 40 times on his own and 300 times in collective exhibitions, both in Portugal and abroad. In Portugal, he has 26 of his sculptures displayed in public locations, including eight large-scale sculptures.

ArtCatto was created by Gillian Catto who, after 30 years of successfully running a respected and internationally-renowned art gallery in London, decided to move to the Algarve.

Since the gallery opened 10 years ago, ArtCatto has hosted several previews and events exhibiting some of the best paintings, sculptures and photographs by national and international artists.

Mark Evans Art
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