Learning Portuguese

Dear Editor, 

In her feature article ‘My husband is in the Garden’ (edition April 3), June Lover writes: ‘the whole language thing seems to be full of little hurdles carefully positioned to trip me up’. Whilst I appreciate her sentiments and the way she describes them, may I please remind your readers that learning Portuguese doesn’t have to be too much of an obstacle course for English speakers. 

My book ‘Practical Portuguese’, by the same publishers of the Algarve Resident, aims to provide a few proven strategies that work to cope with the practical requirements of living here. Its material helps residents tackle everyday situations with the maximum of effect and the minimum of effort, and the ‘grammar’ element has been kept to the absolute minimum for this purpose. 

So to your readers: don’t be put off – a little perseverance will enable you to extricate your husband from the garden before he goes to the pub, and yourself from this sort of situation. 

Sheila Watts, by email