Learning Portuguese? Work smarter, not harder!

Text Molly Smith, PracticePortuguese.com

Studies show that about 10,000 words are needed to be fluent in a language. Not only that, but you have to be able to recall these words quickly enough to use them spontaneously in conversation. So what’s the best way to really remember the Portuguese words you learn?

In your school days, you probably stayed up late the night before to cram for a test. Maybe you got a decent grade, but a week later, did you remember anything? Not much, probably. Without repetition, memories quickly fade. However, if you try to repeat too much at once, your brain gets overloaded.

The best time to review something is actually immediately before you are about to forget it. Accordingly, the process is more deliberate and effortful, which is actually what helps to store long-term memories.

This idea is the foundation of a method called “spaced repetition”, which Practice Portuguese has incorporated into its online European Portuguese platform. As learners complete structured lessons, the words and phrases are also reviewed as flashcards presented along gradually increasing intervals. The intervals automatically adapt to your performance, essentially training your brain to hold onto the vocabulary for longer and longer. Over time, this reinforces the neural pathways that keep the language rooted in your memory and easily accessible.

The spaced repetition flash cards also work great on mobile, so Portuguese study time can be more efficient than ever.

Ready to try it out? Visit practiceportuguese.com/worksmarter.

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