Learning Portuguese without lessons

Text Molly Smith, PracticePortuguese.com

Taking an online or in-person course is an excellent way to learn Portuguese and maintain regular practice. Not every learning experience has to be a structured lesson, though! Language will develop more naturally when you integrate Portuguese into your everyday life. There are plenty of ways to get more exposure in a more passive way, without having to commit to intense study sessions.

Consider the technology you interact with on a daily basis: your phone, television, computer, and other device settings can be set to use Portuguese as the primary language. Navigating familiar buttons and screens lets you pick up new vocabulary in context, while autocorrect could help improve spelling skills.

Immerse yourself in the language even further by seeking out opportunities for simple, daily communication, such as sending a package at the post office or asking someone on the street for directions. Along the way, be curious: notice street signs and shop windows, read advertisements… you can even use this as an excuse to eavesdrop on the conversations going on around you!

Learning becomes more engaging and memorable when you’re entertained. Explore bookstores and online streaming services to find Portuguese books, magazines, comics, television shows, and movies. Listen to a Portuguese podcast or Portuguese music while you drive, cook, or take a walk, to allow your mind to absorb the sounds of the language as you hear it in the background while going about your daily tasks. Check out our hundreds of audio “Shorties“, for content to fit your learning level and personal interests!

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