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Learning Portuguese – one size does not fit all!

Text by Centro de Línguas de Lagos

Teaching Portuguese successfully is routine for us at Centro de Línguas de Lagos. People come here both in person, and via the internet, to participate in classes for a host of different reasons. Some merely want to learn a little basic Portuguese to get by. Others decide to make Portugal their permanent home. For people who wish to work here, getting a job may be dependent on them having reasonable Portuguese language skills. So, our approach is not a one size fits all.

In fact, many students who come to us want to apply for Portuguese citizenship. Part of this process involves passing an exam (CIPLE) to prove basic competence in the Portuguese language. The level required is A2 in the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). We have been very successful in preparing students for this exam. After completing the A1 level with us, with some private lessons to practise exam technique and some practice at home, students can be exam ready.

One of last year’s exam candidates, Annie, said, “The CIPLE exam proves one can converse and communicate adequately, if not perfectly, in Portuguese.” There are four skills involved: listening, reading, writing and speaking. She added, “listening, for me personally, was the most difficult part. This was due to other sounds around the room and building, and the pressure of time. However, I passed!” She felt that the preparation classes provided by Centro de Línguas was key to her success as well as “my excellent teacher, Pedro”.

She also said “I can’t emphasise enough the power of preparation. Practice and foreknowledge means going into the exam with no surprises, and knowing exactly what you have to do. Unprepared candidates are more likely to flounder in the face of task explanations in Portuguese, the speaking pair-work and especially getting the timings right.”

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