Learning important values

news: Learning important values

The Loulé Rugby Club’s schools recently took part in the Youth Rugby Social in the National Stadium in Lisbon, organised by the Portuguese Rugby Federation.

As well as the Loulé Club, the other teams, including Belenenses, Benfica and C.R Évora, played, making a total of around 400 players aged between six and 12.

The club was represented in three levels of competition: Bambis, Benjamins and Juniors, with a total of 40 players. Juliana Cardoso, Maria Vasquez and Helena Piedade led the teams under the direction of Vice-President Emídio Sousa.

A spokesman from the club explained: “The event was fun and contributed to our training. One of the important aspects was the presence of the essential rugby values: companionship, friendship, respect and fair-play.”