Learn what new tax laws really mean

New tax legislation and regulations for 2011 may have left many residents unsure about how they have been affected by the Portuguese budget but the annual afpop Tax Seminars will be an opportunity to gain all the information needed to comply with new laws in Portugal.

The afpop Tax Seminars, in association with euroFinesco, will be taking place across the region during January and February.

The first seminar is at the Boa Vista Golf Club near Lagos on January 26 and will be repeated at the Montechoro Hotel on January 28 and finally at the Hotel Albacora in Tavira on February 2.

The afpop seminars aim to provide the information needed by both residents in Portugal and for those moving to the country and will focus on individual obligations for presenting tax declarations, what personal allowances are available, ways to submit annual declarations and penalties for failure to do so.

There will also be an opportunity for questions to be asked about subjects with the presenters from euroFinesco giving impartial advice about all taxation matters with general issues being discussed in an open forum while individual cases will be needed to be addressed outside the seminar in most cases.

CEO of afpop Michael Reeve said: “As you may expect, in light of recent coverage of the Portuguese 2011 budget debate, there are some major changes expected in the tax system and these will be covered in full at the seminars.

“If you are required to submit a tax return then you really do need to have all the information available and should not miss this opportunity to access it and also to ask questions of professionals who will have the most up to date answers.”

He added: “For anyone who has any doubts about their legal obligations, or doubts their ability to complete their tax return without guidance, the afpop tax seminars are essential.  For those who cannot attend, but would like information, the packs will be available after the event.”

All the seminars are open to everyone and cost €15 for afpop members and €5 for a second member per booking, while non-members will be charged €30.

Registration will open at 10.30am with the seminars all then starting from 11am.

For further information, or to download an application form, please visit www.afpop.com email [email protected] or call 282 458 509