Learn the art of art in Lagos

Lagos Marina will be the location for a new social and cultural centre, with the Marina de Lagos Academia de Arte offering tuition in painting and drawing and other creative activities, while also hosting a gallery to exhibit the works of students.

The academy will be offering a wide curriculum for all ages ranging from leisure art classes for beginners and hobby artists to advanced level disciplines required by students looking for a valid qualification for application to a university or art school in Portugal, the UK or elsewhere in Europe.

Artist and journalist Roger Green is organising the teaching programme assisted by Polish artist Kasia Wrona, which is due to begin in mid-February, while other tutors will be available for special subject classes including those for children and also on art history.

Lessons will be taking place in the Marina Galeria de Arte located in the Núcleo Gil Eanes near to the Marina Club Hotel and additional studio working space is available nearby, while a selection of works by students will be exhibited at regular intervals in the gallery.

Meanwhile, tuition in newspaper and magazine journalism for young people considering a career in the media will also be on offer.

Roger Green, who studied fine art and art history at Reading University under the late English abstract painter Sir Terry frost, said: “We hope that the academy will be an important focal point from an educational, social and leisure point of view for long term boat owners, residents of the Marina and the town and hotel guests.”

He added: “The immediate environment of the marina, with its colourful boats and yachts, offers a wealth of exhilarating subject matter for the artist while the beaches, coves, cliffs and rock formations around Lagos are a wonderful source of inspiration.”

For further information about the art academy and enrolment, please call 917 256 997 or email [email protected]