Learn Portuguese online with Centro de Línguas

For some years now, successfully delivering online lessons at the Centro de Línguas in Lagos has been normal practice for the language school. This has been particularly popular with students who live overseas or find it inconvenient to attend classes at set times. Now, more than ever, people are looking to alternatives to face-to-face lessons. This is where online lessons come into their own.

Many of their existing and new students were relieved to hear that, in addition to the usual 1:1 sessions, group lessons were also being offered. To meet growing demand, the school has set up online group lessons for up to eight people. Currently, they have three groups for Portuguese Language which are all running smoothly.

“However, we recognise that some people may be hesitant about using an online facility. We use Zoom, an online meeting platform, which is easy to learn to use. Students unfamiliar with Zoom are encouraged to take up the offer of a free 30-minute trial session to familiarise themselves with how things work.Then, as in conventional classrooms, we use books and set homework after class (which we email to you) so you can continue working at home,” explained the Centro de Línguas.

“There is another benefit though, that you may not have considered. On screen you will meet your fellow students. You will get to know them like in any classroom. Consequently, many of our learners are making new friends and catching up with each other outside of class times. It’s a great way to meet like-minded people.”

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