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Learn Portuguese in a stimulating environment

Conveniently situated in the centre of the region, in Loulé, Europa Algarve has been teaching the Portuguese language for 28 years.

The school is recognised by the Ministry of Education and all staff have to be university graduates and fully-trained teachers. However, most importantly, they have to have a long experience of teaching Portuguese to adult learners.

Europa Algarve thinks it essential to place students at the correct level: beginners, false beginners, elementary, intermediate and advanced. It distinguishes between beginners and false beginners, with false beginners being students who know another language and who will usually advance more quickly than beginners who have never studied another language before.

There are three types of lessons: individual (two people can pay as one, but they need to be at the same level), group (maximum eight students) and intensive.

Individual classes are ideal for those who are not permanently resident and so cannot join in a group. Most students also find they advance more rapidly.

Group classes should be effective but enjoyable. A happy student is more likely to relax and learn. Group lessons are 1.5 hours in length, twice a week, and run in terms of 12 weeks.

Intensive courses are for students who need to learn fast, usually for their work. Normally, lessons run for two to three hours per day, although sometimes they can run for six and even eight hours a day.

If you are interested in a positive enriching autumn, please contact Europa Algarve on 289 414 128/915 536 477 or visit www.algarvelanguages.com.pt