Learn Portuguese at FAUST

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FAUST language school, situated just outside Quarteira, is officially recognised by the Portuguese Ministry of Education and offering courses in English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Since 1998.

Professional teachers provide a unique starter method, which at first may surprise students but soon convinces them of the advantages as they benefit from it by starting to speak quickly like a native.

A variety of options are available to choose from. Unable to attend in person? No problem, join lessons online! A series of exam preparations, including the CIPLE (a requirement to obtain Portuguese citizenship) can be booked.

Christina Tenazinha, EFL teacher

Not sure what you need?
Call 919 437 377 and speak to Elsa.
info@faust.pt | www.faust.pt
Our school has gone totally online between March 16 and April 19.