Learn how to cook wild boar

A culinary demonstration taking place this Saturday, February 8 at Tavira Museum at 3pm will show how to prepare game meats, particularly wild boar.
The event is part of a programme to promote the Mediterranean Diet, entitled ‘Passeios e Comeres da Dieta Mediterrânica’, and will be presented by Fernando de Jesus and Mário Dias from the local hunting association Clube de Caça e Pesca dos Morenos.
During the demonstration, they will show participants how to cook wild boar (javali) dishes.
“Hunting once served as an additional food supplier for a diet that was mostly made up of fruit and vegetables, as livestock were rarely used as food,” the local council said.
Currently, hunting is considered a recreational activity in this rural part of the Algarve and is still an important aspect of local cuisine.
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