League Cup tickets

Dear Editor,

I refer to Mark Wylie’s letter (edition April 3) about tickets for the Carlsberg Cup Final. Tickets were on sale in the Algarve – people I know bought them and went to the game.

About 2,000 unsold tickets were made available a few days before the game, through the offices of a ticket agency with branches in most towns. This was advertised on the Algarve FA website and another local sports website.

It was a bit of a performance. The first branch they visited denied all knowledge; the second branch visited was in the know.

Don’t forget that several thousand armchair fans of both clubs live here in the Algarve. It should be no surprise that tickets were snapped up quickly.

This is the second year that the League Cup (Carlsberg Cup) final has been held at the Algarve Stadium. However, interest in the previous final was minimal, as it did not involve two of the ‘big three’ clubs.

Thomas Allen, Albufeira