Lawyers start work today at Portugal’s airports to support foreign passengers barred entry

Today (Monday March 8) marks the moment all airports in Portugal will have at least one lawyer in permanent attendance to support foreign passengers who find themselves barred from entry, for whatever cause.

This is a measure that came into place following the brutal death of Ukrainian father-of-two Ihor Homeniuk at Lisbon’s SEF temporary installation centre (click here).

Talking to Antena 1 radio station today, head of the Bar Association Menezes Leitão said if such an arrangement existed previously, it could well have saved Mr Homeniuk’s life.

A trial is currently underway of three SEF inspectors who have been charged with Mr Homeniuk’s murder (click here)

The airports covered by the new protocol signed between the Bar Association, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Internal administration, are Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Funchal and Porto Santo in the Madeiran archipelago, and Ponta Delgada and Lages, in the Azores.